Cuisinivity from the Marshall Islands
September 9, 2011

Marshall Island

Yokwe! I moved to Marshall Islands! It has been exactly 10 days since I arrived here and so far so good. My life totally, completely, unrecognizably changed. And that means that Cuisinivity will change too. After a few years in urban civilization full of restaurants, farmer's markets and a crowded foodie community, I find myself in culinary isolation. So it is time to start from the foundation of cuisine, and return to the creative spirit from which this website was born: a curiosity and appreciation of local ingredients and techniques; a resourceful effort to come up with creative ways to convert meager supplies into some of my favorite (and some new) recipes and dishes; and a passion for healthy, natural and yummy food. A passion that I increasingly want to share with as many people as I can. So, for the next two years, Cuisinivity is returning to its roots - literally and figuretively. I will focus on gardening and local produce, recipe development, and other interesting food experiences in the Marshall Islands. There won't be many restaurant reviews because there are not many restaurants here. But there also are not many people writing about and advocating for good food out here, so I feel extremely lucky to have a chance to blaze my own trail in a place far removed from the usual foodie blogosphere. I am really excited.

Our last ten days in the United States, we stayed in hotels and ate out every single meal. Now, since arriving in Majuro, I have had to cook every single meal, and I have had to do it without hardly any equipment and a total dearth of basic ingredients. My food has been simple. But there's something about that simplicity that has been liberating, fun and delicious. I will talk about the food here in the Marshall Islands in the next post - food is a big issue here, one of scarcity, survival, dependency, and increasingly, health. But I also see that there is hope in a new vision of food here, and a small group of people trying to focus on healthy eating. Food here is expensive. Everything is the high end price but low end quality. Canned food. Few local fresh meat or produce. It is a challenge, but one I must live with for two years; a challenge I hope to overcome as I come up with creative new ideas. I accept my environment, but I don't accept that I can't make it better.

Anyway, for now, let's focus on something else: this place is gorgeous! There is so much beauty here, but also so many issues I want to explore and I am hoping to share lots of unique stories with you from the Marshall Islands.

beautiful sunse in Marshall Islands
School of fish