New Mexico Red Sauce

One of the most important elements for New Mexican recipes is the chili sauce. This recipe is the best among many recipes I tried over the years. I adjusted it slightly from the original recipe. Although it is very good, it is not close to one of my favorite restaurant's (Mary & Tito's) red in New Mexico. But I received an approval from my native New Mexican husband.

Adopted from Spring Hill Ranch's New Mexico Red Chile Sauce (Just a Pinch)

Yield: about 3 cups


Cooking Directions

  1. In a heavy bottomed sauce pan, heat the lard until it's melted. Sauté the onion until it has softened - about three minutes. Add garlic and sauté another one minute.

  2. Add flour and stir constantly until the roux becomes light brown.

  3. Add red chili powder and mix well and then pour broth, stirring until the sauce has thickened.

  4. Add oregano, salt, pepper and cumin and mix well.

  5. Use a stand or hand blender to puree the sauce until it is smooth.

  6. If the sauce is too thick, add a little water to thin it.


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