A Food Storing Tip
Fresh Herbs There are many suggested ways to store fresh herbs and I have tried them all. Based on my experience, the method below keeps fresh herbs much longer. Read more
Potatoes As soon as you purchase potatoes, pour hot boiling water over the potatoes and dry with a towel. This prevents potatoes from sprouting. Read more
Other Tips
Oil (butter) cake pan wih a butter wrapper Instead of throwing away butter wrappers after you use the butter, save them and use it to oil (butter) cake pans. Read more
Yeast test If you are not sure if yeast is still active or not, you can test by dissolving 1 teaspoon sugar into the 1/4 warm water then adding 2-1/4 teaspoons yeast and stirring. Wait 10 minutes. If the yeast water level reaches to 1/2 of a measuring cup, the yeast is still active.