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Peaceful Cuisine

My annual detox is still ongoing and this year I decided to continue for a longer time than in previous years. I hope it will be a lifetime change rather than once-a-year deal. I am in my mid-40's and my body does not adjust easily anymore. So instead of trying to fix the problem once a year, it makes more sense to prevent having problems. I cook 95% of my family meals, including lunch. I usually cook vegetable-heavy meals but my other bad habits - like eating too many carbs, drinking too much wine and cocktails, and over-eating when we go out on weekends -always adds about 5 - 8 pounds at the end of the year. It was not a big deal to loose 5 pounds five years ago but it takes a lot more effort to loose the pounds after 40. So my goal this year is not gaining weight once I succeed to loose these excess pounds in a few months.

On top of my own diet changes, my husband wanted to start a low-fodmap diet. I will write about the low-fodmap diet later but I needed guidance since I had no idea what a low-fodmap diet was. So I have been reasearching a lot for low-fodmap diet and healthy recipes. While I was researching, I stumbled upon a youtube video channel called Peaceful Cuisine. As soon as I finished watching the first video, I was totally hooked and could not stop watching other videos. Peaceful Cuisine is produced by a Japanese vegan chef and he cooks such a good-looking vegan food. Most of his videos do not have the usual annoying background music or speaking voice. The only thing you hear are the sounds of cutting, opening a package, pouring water, clicking a spoon with a pot and so on. Of course the videos come with beautiful visuals as well. The recipes are all very impressive and every time I see his video, it makes me want to go to the kitchen and cook.

He shot many DIY videos (he has an amazing kitchen) which were really interesting to watch too. And I found out that he is an amazing potter and there was one video about making pottery. As a pottery enthusiast myself, I am totally obsessed!

I am not intending to become a vegan (yet) but there are many techniques that I can definitely steal for my new healthy cooking routine.

I guarantee you will find a lot of inspiration from his videos. The Peaceful Cuisine channel is here.

Peaceful Cuisine

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