Stove-top Wire Netting Grill
March 7, 2015

Ever since I heard about this handmade artisan wire netting grill that makes awesome toast, I had been looking forward to going back to Japan to get it. Kanaami Tsuji and Tsujiwa Kanaami ("Kanaami" means wire netting in Japanese) are the two major artisan wire netting producers in Kyoto, Japan.

I ordered mine from Tsujiwa Kanaam. Depending on the timing, you may have to wait for a while to receive it because it is all hand made.The grill comes with two components. The flat micro-weaved wire net with handle which goes directly over a stove grate. And a large weaved wire net with legs that goes over the flat net. The flat net makes the flame spread out evenly and create softer heat. It makes crisp toast very quickly without losing moisture during the toasting process which results in a perfect piece of toast; crunchy outside and fluffy inside.

One recent morning, I made two slices of toast by two ways (at the same time) to test the resuslt. I used Japanese milk bread for this test which is softer and thicker than regular American bread. I purchased the bread at a Japanese bakery, Pan Ya, in East Village.

Toast on left was made by wire netting grill and the one on right was made by oven broiler

Left: Toast made by the wire netting grill (right) Toast made by oven broiler

The toast that I made with the wired grille was nicely charred and crispy and it was very fluffy inside. In contrast, the toast I made with the oven broiler was not crispy and there was not much contrast in texture between the outside and inside of the toast.

This is a great addition to my tiny kitchen and it does not take much space at all (which is the reason why I don't own an electric toaster). However, this grill is not only for bread. It would be great for grilling vegetables and other non-greasy things (not recommend to grill meat and fish).

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