Rice Paper Tray
October 27, 2012

rice paper tray rice paper tray close-up

If you make Vietnamese summer rolls or nem with rice paper at home, you know how frustrating it is sometimes to deal with rice paper. They are so fragile and often bunch and stick and tear so that it is difficult to use them.

I read about a rice paper tray quite a long time ago and since then I have been very interested in getting it but I have never bothered to find it until I went back to Japan this summer. I found a couple online shops selling it and I ordered it and brought it back home. This simple tray set is so useful I fell in love with it instantly. Before I got the trays, I used to wet the rice paper one at a time and wrap it with a tea towel in order to make a roll but they always stick to the towel and break apart. This gadget saves a lot of time because I can put multiple (up to 10) rice papers in the water at once and I don't have to worry about breaking the paper.

The kit comes with 10 round plastic mesh plates and one collapsible stand. Here is how it works.

rice paper tray how to 1 rice paper tray how to 2

1. Place one plate on the counter and put the rice paper on the top of it.
Put another plate on top and then rice paper again.
Continue this as much as you need.

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2. Dump the stack of the plates and rice paper in between in the the bowl of water and soak them about 10-15 seconds.
3. Take the trays out of the water and put them on the stand (or you can just put them on the counter).
4. Remove one piece of tray to expose the rice paper.
5. Put the ingredients of your roll on top of the rice paper and make a roll.
It is really easy to roll without sticking. Continue the process for all rolls.

I found a similar one at Amazon. I don't think it comes with a stand but I personally don't think it is necessary to have a stand anyway.

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