Global Feast : the Marshall Islands

Made in the Marshall Islands: Pandanus and Noni Juice
May 2012

I was going to make more pandanus juice to develop more pandanus recipes but it takes so much time and I have been avoiding for a while. The good news was someone told me that I can buy the bottle of pandaus juice at the Tide Table restaurant at Robert Reimers Hotel.

Pandanus juice

This is 100% pandanus juice and it is very strong to drink as it is. I recommend to mix with soda water and some lime juice to make it more drinkable. If you are interested in finding out the use of pandanus juice, I have several original recipes.

Another juice that is locally produced here in Majuro is noni juice. Noni is getting a lot of hype in the US and Japan as a health supplement. Noni is a tropical fruit grown throughout the tropical regions of the Pacific Ocean. Noni fruit has been used for treating skin inflammation, infections, stomach problems, cancer, diabetes, joint pain and the list is goes on. But the reality is there is no evidence that noni is actually effective.

Noni Juice

It may (or may not) be great for your health but it is rediculously awful to drink. I am not sure if it is even possible to make it easier to drink this. I gave up trying.

Pandanus juice is $2.50 each at Robert Reimers Hotel and Noni juice was sold at Easy Price for $4.99 (regular price is $6.49).

Tide Table Restaurant and Lounge
Robert Reimers Hotel
Downtown Uliga

Easy Price Mart
Downtown Uliga