Global Feast : the Marshall Islands

Long Island Restaurant
June 2012

Long Island HotelLong Island Restaurant Outdoor seating
view from Long Island Restaurant

Entrance to Long Island Hotel; Outdoor seating at Long Island Restaurant;
View from the restaurant

The Long Island Hotel and a small Payless Supermarket are the only two business establishments in our neighborhood on Long Island (not counting a new Chinese shack across the street). The Long Island Hotel has always had a restaurant but its reputation has not been very good over the last few months after the previous chef left.

Recently, I started hearing rumors that the chef (Mr. Meng) came back from China and the quality of the restaurant had significantly improved. Since then, I have had two opportunities to dine there with some of the best Chinese food critics, my friends from Taiwan. I enjoyed several of Chef Meng's dishes.

Chicken soup with corn and shredded fake crab meatWonton soup

Left : Chicken soup with corn and shredded fake crab meat;
Right : Wonton soup

I recommend the wonton soup over chicken soup. The wonton was freshly made by Mr.Meng and it was very tasty. The fresh Chinese greens also scored more points from me.

Peking DuckPeking Duck

Peking Duck

Everyone loves Peking Duck. Unlike traditional peking duck which uses only crispy skin with very little meat, Mr.Meng's duck is very meaty. It goes great with scallion and cucumber on a paper thin steamed floured pancake topped off with sweet bean sauce. I was surprised that we could have Peking Duck in Majuro. This is a must have dish (if it is available).

Sauteed pok choiFried chicken fillet and spring roll

Left : Sauteed pok choi
Right : Fried chicken fillet and spring roll

Stewed eggplantHoney walnuts shrimp

Left : Stewed eggplant
Right : Honey walnuts shrimp

Other crowd favorites included stewed eggplant and honey walnut shrimp. I loved the flavor of the stewed eggplant. The eggplant was very creamy and were flavored with dried fish (very similar flavor to anchovies) and it gave a nice saltiness. It is served super hot so watch out not to burn your mouth!

Sweet and sour fishred beans buns (desert)

Left : Sweet and sour fish
Right : red beans buns

I am not a big fan of sweet and sour dish but this dish was very good, in particular thanks to the quality of the fish.

Sesame ball (desert)Sesame ball (desert)

Sesame ball (desert)

The meal finished with several traditional Chinese desserts. Steam buns with red beans and sesame balls - which is my favorite. The sesame balls were small in size compared to other restaurants and I kind of liked them that way. I could not stop popping these into my mouth.

I was really impressed with the quality of food both times I visited the Long Island hotel restaurant. However, to be honest, my experience is thanks partly to my Taiwanese friends. They discussed and arranged the whole meal for us ahead of time with Chef Meng. I would like to try to come just by myself to find out if the meal would be as great as what I had. I really do hope so. My hope is high with Chef Meng.

If you like to make sure to have a certain dish like Peking Duck, I recommend to call ahead to make a request. This is the Marshall Islands and we do not have all the ingredients all the time.

Mr. Meng at Long Island Hotel

Chef Meng (Kang Fu Chef)

Long Island Restaurant
Long Island Hotel
Rairok, Lagoon Side, Majuro Atoll,
Marshall Islands