Global Feast : the Marshall Islands
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Farmer's Market
November 4, 2012

Majruo's Farmer's Stand

The only farmer's market you can usually find in the city of Majuro is located next to the Marshall Islands Resort downtown. In this little tent, several vendors sell seasonal produce like coconuts, pandanus, bell apples, bananas and fresh limes... and also a few ready-to-eat snacks. My friend bought some cooked octopus the other day (which she then marinaded into a delicious dish). You never know what they will have at the market so it is fun to stop there often.

The number of vendors varies each day. Sometimes I see 4-5 and only 1-2 next day. It is hard to pick only one vendor to purchase from since they usually sell the same things. I tend to buy several things - one item each from the different vendor to be fairs. They are all from the furthest point of Majuro atoll called, Laura about a one hour drive from the center of Majuro. Laura has a slightly wider land area so it is more appropriate for growing produce. The only public beach you can go to in Majuro is also at Laura and on the way to the beach, you will find a few road side stands selling these kinds of produce near Laura.

(top) coconut; unripened papya wedges and Asian green paper;
(bottom) Mā chips

One of my regular items I purchase from the market is mā chips. Mā chips are available only from August to November during the breadfruit season. I will leave the island next summer so now is the last time to be able to taste them. Yesterday, I also purchased some unripened papaya wedges and I am thinking to make pickles with them. And I will use coconut water for a morning smoothie this week. I usually get local fresh lime but I still have some from last week so I did not get them this time. Instead I got some Asian green peper. Asian green peper is much smaller than its American cousin. The Asian version is more crisp and thiner and it tastes a little bitter. I prefer Asian green pepper for Asian cooking like simple stir-fry. Also it works better for pizza topping because it has less water content.

Just like I go to the farmer's market every weekend in the States, this one and only farmer's market in Majuro has become an important supply source for me. Eating local seems so difficult here but it is still possilble. With fresh fish from the fish market and some herbs and greens from my container kitchen garden, you can make a good meal without relying on the imports too much even here in the Marshall Islands.

The market opens Monday - Saturday (usually).

Farmer's Market
Next to Marshal Island Resort (East side)