Global Feast : the Marshall Islands

Momotaro BBQ
November 8, 2011

Aliang Tea Room

I have not gone out much to eat recently. I set up my kitchen and all I have wanted to do is cook, especially since I have had a few disappointing dinners out recently. But recently, my husband and I stopped at the plate lunch place (takeout) in front of the Momotaro General Store to check out what the sign claims is "Majuro's Best BBQ." There are several roadside places like this in Majuro but to be honest, I am not ready to try most of them yet. Some places have cooked meat on outdoor tables for a long time. I'm curious, but even more nervous.

cook at the Momotaro BBQ

chicken and rib plate lunch

Plate lunch with rice, two grilled chicken, one pork rib, macaroni salad, and cabbage salad ($4)

The good thing about Momotaro is it is popular so the food moves fast. The BBQ area is clean and nothing sits around on the counter for very long. In fact, the meat is fresh to order. After we ordered, the BBQ chef asked us to wait for 5-10 minutes which is always a good sign that the meat is freshly cooked.

The plate came with two large chicken pieces (dark meat) and one rib with a mountain of rice, macaroni salad, and cabagge salad. My husband and I shared one plate and it was more than enough. The rib was tough and chewy. However, the chicken was very juicy and tender - cooked to perfection. The marinade was really tasty as well. It is a soy sauce base and slightly sweet and it reminded me of Korean BBQ.

This is not something I eat all the time but it was quite satisfying in both volume and taste and I would definitely go back. Oh and it is a ridiculous $4 per plate.

Momotaro BBQ
Delap, Ocean Side, Majuro Atoll,
Marshall Islands