Global Feast : the Marshall Islands

Aliang Tea Room
September 2011

Aliang Tea Room

I just arrived in Majuro a few days ago and have been exploring a lot to discover what is available in which stores and what kind of restaurants are in town. One thing I have noticed is a lot of Chinese restaurants. Some of them look a little sketchy, to be honest. But there are some interesting looking ones too. Aliang Restaurant, in Uliga near the fish dock, stands out the most. And just around the corner, Aliang recently opened a new place for dim sum. We decided to give it a try.

Aliang Restaurant is owned by a resourceful chef who makes homemade dumplings and bread right in his kitchen. They have several large ovens in the kitchen and they were baking fresh bread when I was there. The owner took a large tray of rolls out of the oven and buttered them and put them back to the oven and it smelled heavenly. The other chef was nearby chopping shrimp for the dim sum.

Aliang Inside

The price is very reasonable considering the high cost of ingredients in the Marshall Islands. Most of the dishes on their menu include 3-5 dumpling and they cost from $1.75 - $3.00 per dish. They have about 25 different dim sum dishes and 20 different kinds of breads and cakes. My husband and I ordered very lightly - just four dim sum dishes for the two of us - but it was plenty.

dim sum
beef roll

Steamed meat-roll $2.50 - This one was recommended by the waitress.

shu mai

Pork Shu Mai $2.50 - very juicy

shrimp dumpling

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling $2.75 - excellent


Roast Pork Bun $1.85

chefowner baking
buttering the bread
Their baked goods

We ordered moderately but there was plenty of food for the two of us. Dim sum is always more fun in a group so that you can try a lot more different ones. Next time we'll bring friends.

Aliang was our first real eating out experience since we arrived in our new home. I imagined that most of the food here would be fried chicken and fish, so I never expected to be able to have homemade dim sum. I am sure I will be here quite often in the next two years.

Aliang Tea Room
Uliga, Lagoon Side, Majuro Atoll,
Marshall Islands