Global Feast : Hawaii

February 28, 2013

Town outside
Town dinning area
Town dinning area 2

Traditional Hawaiian food can be very unhealthy - think plate lunch with white rice, teriyaki chicken and macaroni salad. But more recent Hawaiian cuisine also has a wonderful local and healthy quality. Like any other city on the mainland US, more restaurants in Honolulu are offering locally grown organic food on their menu. Town is one of the restaurants known for their local food cuisine. Their concept is "Local first, organic whenever possible, with Aloha always". What a great theme!

Since their opening in 2005, Town has become a very popular spot for local foodies. Because it is a little away from the touristy area, the majority of the customers seem to be locals.

bread and olive olive oil poached fish and white beans
Mustard frill, baby carrots, avocado, pecans, cilantro buttermilk dressing mhi mahi, local vegetable,
pan roasted chicken buttermilk panna cotta

(top left) bread and olive; (top right) olive oil poached fish and white beans;
(middle left) Mustard frill, baby carrots, avocado, pecans, cilantro buttermilk dressing;
(middle right) mahi mahi, local vegetable, limu and meyer lemon;
(bottom left) pan roasted chicken, torn bread, tatsoi, grapes, pancetta;
(bottom right) "milk and honey" buttermilk panna cotta;

I really loved the olive oil poached fish and white beans. It was a Mediterranean style dish with poached mahi mahi in olive oil over lightly flavored white beans with tomatoes. A fish poached in oil sounds very heavy but this fish was light and fluffy and flavorful. The portion was large enough to be able to share.

I also enjoyed the pan roasted chicken. The juicy roasted chicken over the greens and torn country bread dressing reminded me pf my favorite restaurant in San Francisco, Zuni.

I was not going to have dessert but I could not resist. I had buttermilk panna cotta which was very light and I had no problem finishing it even though I was so full after.

Town is definitely on my must-go list every time I'm in Honolulu.

3435 Waialae Ave
Honolulu, HI 96816

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