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Kilauea Lodge and Restaurant
April 2012

No matter where one stays in Volcano, everybody seems to dine at Kilauea Lodge and Restaurant at least once. For such a tourist spot, there really are not many/any other options. Kilauea Lodge has a very cozy atmosphere and lots of charm. We actually stayed at the lodge and ate at their restaurant both nights (and breakfast) we stayed. We traveled with my father in-law and his wife and they like to dine at a quiet place (so that we can talk) and they seemed to enjoy the restaurant a lot.

Homemade bread and brie wedge (coated in herb batter and coconut flakes and fried)

Meatloaf Revisited and Fish of the day (Wahoo a.k.a Ono)

Their food was traditional home cooking style. They serve mostly comfort food and each dish comes in big portions. Sometimes, that's what people want and for that matter, I think this restaurant is a great choice for the travelers who are in Volcano for an adventure, but are not adventurous on food. For experienced food lovers, this restaurant was a bit boring.

They recommended the brie wedge but it was very heavy as an appetizer since their main dish portion is large and they come with both soup or salad. The second day we skipped the appetizers and were much happier.

Overall the quality of the dishes we tried on both nights were ok but not memorable. The meatloaf was the best and the mushroom risotto that I had on the second night was not good to be honest.

Their desserts were also very traditional fare like chocolate cake, key lime pie, apple crisp and so on.

Breakfast at Kilauea. Fresh papaya and egg dish.

Kilauea Lodge and Restaurant
16-3948 Old Volcano Road
Volcano Village, Hawaii 96785
tel: 808.967.7366

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