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Fractured Prune Donuts
December 5, 2009

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My husband has a long and tragically deep love of donuts. And he is also picky about it. He recently announced that he does not like Crispy Cream anymore which I thought was everybody's favorite. Personally, I am not a donut person so I don't have a favorite. But I do help my husband in his search for the world's best donuts.

When we decided to have a mini-road trip to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and Atlantic City, New Jersey, we researched all the good restaurants and he found this donut shop inj Rehoboth (it is a small franchise with several stores in Maryland) called Fractured Prune: Hand-Dipped donuts.

And they really are hand-dipped. When you go inside, there is a donut frying machine behind the counter. They took our order and make the donuts fresh and then dipped them with glazes and toppings. You can order their specialty donuts or you can create your own donuts. They have honey, chocolate, mixed berry, maple, cherry, strawberry, lemon, banana, orange, peanut butter, blueberry, mocha, mint raspberry and caramel as the glazes. Also there are several toppings and sugars you can choose from.

We had French Toast (maple glaze, cinnamon sugar), Strawberry Shortcake (strawberry glaze, graham cracker, powder sugar), Black Forest (raspberry glaze, coconut, mini chocolate chips) and one custom made (peanut butter glaze with peanut topping).

I think simple donuts are always the best and in this case, French Toast was the winner. We had a bite of everything while they were hot and we had them later when they are completely cold as our mid-day snack. They tasted quite different when they are hot and cold. When they are hot, it seems much sweeter and melts in your mouth.

I witnessed one customer order hot donuts with a scoop of vanilla ice cream which looked really decadent.

The donut is $1.30 each, $6.00 for 1/2 dozen and $10.50 for a dozen.

Fractured Prune
20214 Costal Hwy
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

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