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Best of March 2016
April 30, 2016


We did something we have never done in NYC. We went to the same restaurant in the same month twice. And the place that made us do this was Wildair in Lower East Side and it is obviously my best of March 2016.

Wildair received many great reviews by the major reviewers and it is one of the trendier spots in the city right now. It was recently nominated for the best new restaurant James Beard Award for this year. Miraculously, we were super lucky both times we visited because we arrived at the perfect time and did not have to wait for seating at all. We are doubly lucky because this place is only two blocks from our house! (I love the Lower East Side!)

Wildair has a very casual setting with bar stools and counters which is very unique for a restaurant which offers high quality food. We had quite goos luck again both times because we could sit at the counter in front of the kitchen.

The service is very attentive but super efficient and quick. They are very helpful to choose both drink and food and very knowledgable about the ingredients they are using. The quality of the food was not affected by the speed of their service though. Everything was well executed. The restaurant is very smart to create a menu that is simple enough to operate a small kitchen smoothly but add few kicks and twists on every dish to make the ordinary family favorites more interesting.

My favorite dishes during my two visits were the potato darphin with uni and jalapeno, Romaine lettuce with pistachio puree and pork milanese. The potato darphin nearly killed me. It is such a simple dish but the combination of salty, crunchy potato and creamy uni was just so genious. The romaine lettuce with pistachio salad was very uniquly presented. Two large wedges of Romaine were dressed with pureed caramerized lettuce with butter sauce, herbs and pistachio. And lastly the pork milanese was a simple pork cutlet but seasoned and cooked perfectly. I am also glad they did not mess around with it. They served it with lemon wedge and tartar. That is the way I like it.

The quality of dining experience in Lower East Side is getting better and better! Even though I live in Lower East Side, I used to go to other neighborhoods for food but now we have many of my favorites right in our hood.

142 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002
(646) 964-5624



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