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Best of May 2014
June 19, 2014

My favorite restaurant in May 2014 is The Musket Room in Nolita. The Musket Room creates beautiful modern New Zealand cuisine. They received their first Michelin star this year and I wholeheartedly agree with Michelin.

Cata Inside Cata Bar area

I envy their amazing urban farm in their back yard.

Cauliflower soup, curry and caviar; Mushroom custard, raw mushroom and herbs
Chicken and the egg; Duck breast, carrot, Tokyo turnips, kale and berries;
Strawberry, camembert mousse and pineapple sorbet

I especially enjoyed the chicken and the egg dish. The hen's egg yolk looked raw but it was actually cooked in some amazing way to make it very creamy and when placed on top of the super moist chicken breast, it was to tasty.

The most memorable dish of this month was grain salad from Betony. They used many different grains and each of them was cooked in a different way. Some grains popped in your mouth, some wer crunchy and some were chewy. The grains were paired with Labneh cheese (Turkish yogurt-based creamy cheese) to make this salad very unique. It looks like a dish you can get at the health food restaurant but it was so amazing I tried to recreate it at home.

Betony's service was probably one of the best in New York. One of the very unique things about Betoney was they use pottery for their table wear from one artist, Jane Harvard, instead of traditional China. I really loved the warmth of eating exquisite food with handmade pottery.



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