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Best of March & April 2014
May 30, 2014

I was away from New York most of April so I combined March and April this time. Here is the best of March and April 2014.

There were several candidates for the best restaurant for March and April 2014. It was a hard decidion but I decided that I liked SKÁL, the Nordic restaurant in Lower East Side, the most. I read some reviews about the restaurant and it was obvious that some reviewers did not like their food but the restaurant just opened less than a year ago so I did not want to ignore it just because of a few bad reviews. And now I am glad that I went.

Cata Inside Cata Bar area

The restaurant is decorated with icy blue walls and wood tables with some random antique plates decorated on the wall to give the feel of being in a farm house in Iceland (I am guessing). Our reservation was a little early so there were only a few other customers inside, but within an hour or so, all the tables and stools at the bar were filled and it became very lively.

Pickles plate; Salt Cod Croquettes;
Raw Beef (beef tar tar); Charred Broccoli;
Whole Rhode Island Sea Bream; Beets Dessert

I think I made a great choice picking from the menu. Unlike 99% of the pickles I have ordered at many different restaurants previously, Skal's pickles plate was tasty. The beef tartar was very creamy and had an interesting texture. It was definetly one of my top beef tartar experiences. I got even happier with their charred broccoli. I strongly recommend this to everyone. The main course I picked was sea bream and it was beautifully deboned and grilled with sliced cauliflower and grilled cauliflower cream (I could not figure out what it was until I asked the waiter).

The best of all at SKÁL was their beets dessert. It was so unique, wild, refreshing and delicious. It was re-hydrated dehydrated beets with grape jam with sorel granita and skyr yogurt (Icelandic style yogurt). I can't really explain this dessert well but I can tell you it was worth it to come all the way to SKÁL just to try this dessert.

So there, congratulations to SKÁL for both best of the month and best dish of the month. I am glad I live just a few blocks from them.



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