Global Feast : New York

Best of January 2014
February 15, 2014

Restaurant Stars Note
Pearl & Ash three stars They serve very creative dishes but I thought everything was slightly overpriced for both food and drink. Good wine but no cocktails.
Artisanal Bistro three stars Wonderful place for a cheese lover. Artisanal Bistro is a French bistro but they serve wonderful cheese fondue with their blend of cheese. We had fondue on a snowy day and it gave us so much comfort.
Pio Pio two stars I was blown away with their portion size. Their main dish, rotisary chicken tasted good but I'm concerned how this chicken must be raised considering the price is so low...
Family Recipe two stars Modern age mother's food in Japan. Mainly Japanese with some elements from other cuisines. Some dishes were good and some not so much. My problem was they repeatedly used the same condiments (pickles and kimchee) and most of the dishes we ordered tasted somewhat the same.
Parm three stars For fast food, I thought the quality was pretty good. I liked the chicken parm sandwiches over the sausage & peppers sandwiches.
Robert two stars Wonderful place to enjoy the view. At a place like this, the food is not so important.
Sorella 4 stars Our second visit for dinner. They did not disappointed me again. And I really like their bartender. He remembers what we ordered the last time and he does make a really good cocktail.
Untitled Whitney Museum three stars One of the best museum food restaurants. Apparently their pancakes are very famous and I saw many locals were having pancakes. I would love to try it next time.
Maysville 4 stars The place to be if you love bourbon. The food was also fabulous. One of the best Brussels sprouts dishes ever.
Cata 5 stars The food and drink are both five stars.
Kuma Inn two stars Regrettably I have to give only two stars. All six dishes I ordered did not speak to me. For some reason, I thought ordering paella would be a great idea (I expected Asian twist). It wasn't.

The best restaurant for January 2014 goes to Spanish tapas restaurant, Cata. I honestly was expecting a typically overrated trendy place. But now I know why they are so popular after I witnessed how busy the place was on a snowy night.

Cata Inside Cata Bar area

Their extensive gin and tonic menu was rather impressive.

Cata Jin and Tonic menu
Lavender Kumquat and Clove
Lemon Peels Lemongrass

(top left) Lavender : Brooklyn and Fever Tree Tonic
(top right) Kumquat and Clove : Dorothy Parker and Schweppes Tonic
(bottom left) Lemon Peels : Right and White Rock Tonic
(bottom right) Lemongrass : New Amsterdam and Fentimans Tonic

Cata Menu
Chef at the grill section Bikini
Gambas Al Ajillo Patatas Bravas
Merguez Spiced Lamb Chicken Croquetas & Bombas
Mushrooms ala Plancha

(top) Cata'a menu
(2nd row left) Grill Chef; (2nd row right) Bikini
(3rd row left) Gambas Al Ajillo: (3rd row right) Patatas Bravas
(4th row left) Merguez Spiced Lamb;(4th row right) Chicken Croquetas & Bombas
(last row) Mushrooms a la Plancha

I loved everything we had but I especially loved their mushroom a la plancha (sautéed mushroom) which I chose as the best dish of the month. Mushroom a la plancha is sautéed mix mushrooms (king, brown and white beech) dressed with shallots, garlic, parsley and red wine reduction. Using red wine reduction instead of white wine gave this dish a more earthy, deep flavor. The mushrooms were crunchy and it was an absolutely delicious dish especially for mushroom lovers like me.

I have another best dish this month. Brussels sprouts from Maysville. It was kind of a surprise. the brussels sprouts were separated into single petals and lightly fried then mixed with crispy pig ears, apples and buttermilk dressing. It is rich in taste but light in texture. I am certain that the people who never liked Brussels sprouts would love this dish.

Maysville's Brussels Sprout Maysville's Brussels Sprout, closeup

Brussels sprouts from Maysville

Both dishes were easily remakable at home. As a matter of fact, I have already tried the mushroom dish the other day.



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