Global Feast : New York

Best of February 2014
March 7, 2014

Restaurant Stars Note
Rubirosa 4 stars It maintains the prize for my favorite pizza place in town.
The Dutch 4 stars Enjoy their great cocktail while you are waiting for seating but the bar is very crowded. I had a very tasty pork chop.
Ivan Ramen three stars I admit that I am very critical when it comes to ramen. I would say all Japanese have a thing about ramen. Although it was a good bowl of ramen, the noodle and soup ratio was odd, I thought. I liked the shio ramen over the shoyu ramen.
Ushiwakamaru 5 stars Finally I found a NY sushi restaurant I like. Excellent quality sushi with relatively reasonable prices (compare to Micheline star restaurants in town).
Estela 4 stars Hard to get reservation but we went there on a snow-day with the hope to be able to sit at the bar and we did!
Tipsy Parson three stars I am out of the brunch scene so I can't compare with other famous brunch places in the city. But Tipsy Parson had a great brunch menu. Great homemade biscuit.
Perilla three stars Steak was great. Pork not so much. But the fried squid salad was one of the best dishes of the month.
Shu Jiao Fu Zhou Cuisine Restaurant three stars Famous for noodle with peanut butter sauce ($2).
Oda House three stars Authentic Georgian food. We didn't have the famous bread dish (which looks great) but the appetizer dish and veal stew were excellent.
Fatta Chuckoo two stars Quick American food. Nothing spectacular. Chicken was moist is the most I can say...

The best restaurant for February 2014 goes to Ushiwakamaru. There are so many sushi restaurants in the city but the reality is it is either so high-end that it is impossible to get a reservation and makes me poor the rest of the month, or non-Japanese owned cheap place that serves other Asian cuisines.

Ushiwakamaru's sushi may not be same as Sushi Nakazawa but it was similar to what regular middle class people eat in Japan. It was like somewhere you might go for a special occasion but still affordable and reliable. I enjoyed both the appetizer and sushi at Ushiwakamaru. The only complaint I have is they don't have a shochu which I love to drink when I eat sushi. But they have a good selection of high quality sake.

Ushiwakamaru sushi bar

I was very pleased to see several dishes that I love in their menu. Fugu (blow fish) sashimi and Tako-wasa (raw octopus with wasabi).

Lavender Lemon Peels
Fugu sashimi

(top left) Takowasa : raw octopus with wasabi leaves
(top right) fugu sashimi: blow fish sashimi
(bottom left) grilled clam and asparagus

Gambas Al Ajillo Bikini
Chef at the grill section

(top left) hamachi and maguro akami nigiri
(top right) toro-taku (toro and Japanese daikon pickles) nigiri, fresh salmon nigiri, aji nigiri, shrimp tempura roll
(Bottom) aji nigiri and hirame nigiri

I picked a dish from Estela for the best dish this month. It is very rare for me to even eat desert - or like it all that much - and I was surprised by myself to pick a dessert this month. It is parsnip ice cream with chocolate caramel and sesame. It was such a unique combination and truly a fabulous dessert. It had a very creamy texture and was not overly sweet.

Estela dessert menu Maysville's Brussels Sprout, closeup

Estela's parsnip ice cream



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