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Smorgasburg (Brooklyn Flea Food Market)
August 28, 2013

This is my first article from New York. I moved here to New York two weeks ago from the Marshall Islands. The first two weeks were chaos just trying to figure out everything. One of the hardest parts of living in New York is having so many choices. Maybe because I just moved from a place with few choices, but it seems like I have to spend more time to decide everything. Just figuring out where to eat on our first weekend took us hours. It is such a luxurious trouble.

However, it was no trouble deciding to visit Smorgasburg last weekend. It was such a beautiful day and walking the Brooklyn bridge to go to the food market sounded like a great idea.

Just for the readers who live overseas or not around New York, Smorgasburg is a Brooklyn's food flea market started in 2008. They have about 80 featured vendors (I don't think they are all at the every market day) from donuts, to BBQ pork, to Japanese rice balls and miso soup. Yep, lots more choices and another decision to make.

Honey Pig store front
Honey Pig inside

It took me a while to peek though all the vendors (especially with a camera) but with my husband's help, we decided to get...

Lumpia from Lumpia Shack! I am lucky to have many wonderful Philippine friends all over the world. Whenever there is a party with them, there are lumpia. Lumpia is a Philippine-style spring roll and one of my favorite foods. At the Smorgasburg, the Lumpia Shack makes very creative lumpia. We got a sampler plate which came with three different flavors: the original pork, duck and mushroom.

Next was a slow smoked Texas-style brisket sandwich from Lonestar Empire. The meat was very tender and delicious. We also tried the quinoa falafel from Saucy By Nature. I liked the sauce but unfortunately, they overloaded it and the wonderful falafel and pita bread became very soggy.

For dessert, it was not a very difficult decision for my husband. He went straight to Dough to get a very fluffy coconut donut.

East River State Park (Saturdays)
Kent Ave. and N. 7 St. on the Williamsburg waterfront
open from 11am to 6pm

DUMBO waterfront
historic Tobacco Warehouse in Brooklyn Bridge Park (Saturdays)
open from 11am to 6pm



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