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Best of October 2013
October 31, 2013

October is a special month for me. My birthday, wedding anniversary and Cuisinivity birthday are all happening in October! To celebrate these occations, I got to go to some special places this month. I tried several local spots as well on a few of the normal October days. Here is the list of the spots I dined in October 2013.

Restaurant Stars Note
Sorella 4 stars Great cocktails. Food was equally good. Great neighborhood spot.
Maharika two stars Got a good review but did not meet my expectation.
Bassanova Ramen 4 stars Third ramen place I visited in the city and this one is absolutely my favorite so far. I will go back again and again!
Pig and Khao two stars Another well-reviewed restaurant that I was not so impressed.
Bohemian 5 stars Secret Japanese restaurant in East Village. Requires a little effort to make a reservation but once you get in, you will enjoy the food there. Great bartender too.
Rayuela two stars Just ...... average.
The Ten Bells three stars Laid back wine bar with good quality of tapas.
Jing Fong 4 stars Considering the size of the restaurant, every dumpling I tasted were all tasty. At least 100 people were waiting outside to get in. A sign of the good and reliable food they offer.
Public one star Super chic but I was very disappointed with their food.
Nomad 5 stars All the buzz I heard was real. They offer amazing quality food. It is a really special place.
Little Muenster two stars Good grilled cheese sandwich but the tomato soup was not so impressive.

The best restaurant of the month is Nomad without any hesitation. Nomad has been the talk of the town for a while but it did not disappoint me at all. Service was really great. Compared to some high-end restaurants in the city, Nomad is not outrageously expensive. It was certainly a great spot to celebrate a special occasion without breaking your bank (if you don't drink much). Their famous fois gras stuffed chicken was so juicy and rich.

The best dish goes to the grilled branzino at Bohemian. The most basic dish I have had in the last few months in the city but it was the most flavorful and perfectly cooked grilled fish. They seasoned only with salt and pepper and then grilled with a grill pan with a stalk of rosemary. It was so amazing. I had several appetizers before the fish arrived to our table so I was full but I could not stop eating it. I would really love to learn how to accomplish that perfection.

So far, my overall food experience in New York remains a bit under my expectation. Most of the places I've been are not so memorable but this month, I finally had several amazing dishes and I am very happy.



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