There is Not Enough Pea Shoots
January 16, 2012

Many local restaurants and gastro pubs where my husband and I used to dine in Washington DC served pea shoots in the spring and I totally fell in love with them. Whenever I found them at the market, I purchased them for a very quick warm pea shoots salad. I miss those fragile, little tender greens so much I decided to grow some myself.

What you need is dried peas either from a seed company or grocery store. It is always a best practice to use the best kind (organic) you can get. I happened to have some super sugar snap pea seeds leftover so I decided to use them.

sugar snap pea

First, you have to decide the location where you want to grow pea shoots. Peas grow best in a cool environment so if you live in a hot and humid place like I do, you may consider growing them indoors.

To start, all you have to do is scatter the peas on top of moist potting soil in any shallow pot or trays with drainage. Then cover lightly with more soil.

Sugar snap pea 2

The shoots start appearing in 3-5 days.

Pea shoots day 5

72 hours after seeding

When they are 6-8 inches tall, start clipping off the growing points and one pair of leaves. You can keep harvesting them until the shoots become bitter.


Pea shoots are about 7 inch tall 10 days after seeding

snipped off shoots

Clipped off a few inches just above the leaves

mixed baby greens

Mixed with other baby greens from my garden to make a simple salad

The peas re-shoot over and over if you keep clipping. It is one of the easiest things I have ever grown. I'm going to plant even more for a steady supply.

pea shoots

pea shoots

rotten sweet potato

sweet potato slips

green chiles

mystery plant