First Harvest and easyBloom
February 1, 2012

The last five months I have been trying to grow many different kinds of vegetables and herbs in my new and challenging home garden. Most of the leafy greens are somewhat successful but I have been struggling with almost all the vegetables; Summer squash, cucumber, beans, sugar snap peas, tomatos... none of them made it. It has been quite disappointing. But at last I have a success story to tell: I harvested my first jalapenos today! These cute little peppers are the first vegetable to survive this harsh, tropical environment. There are about 15 more on the plant and others to come. You can find fresh jalapenos only once a while in the Majuro supermarket so I am very happy about being able to grow something unique here. These are a lot better than the canned chilies you get at the store.


By the way, I should give a shout out to a really cool gardening tool called easyBloom my husband gave me a few years ago. At that time, we lived in a condo without any outdoor space so I put it into my tool box. It is a little device that can measure sunlight, temperature and water drainage (it can monitor fertilizer level with an additional paid subscription). You put it in the plant for a day, then plug it into your computer, and it will give you advice on what needs to be adjusted to grow specific plants including vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, trees and others. Since I am having so much trouble growing vegetables, I think this will help me understand what I need to adjust to get some of the others to grow.

easy bloom


inserting easyBlom into soil

Inserting easyBloom into soil

After a few days in the plant, you take out the top part of easyBloom and upload the information to your account at easyBloom website and you can get the readings (before you start monitoring, you have to register at easyBloom for you to be able to set the monitoring mode).

easyBloom monitoring result

monitoring result for my Summer Squash

According to easyBloom, the moisture level and temperature in my garden are suitable for growing summer squash. It says it detected some light at night which is probably our security lights outside our house. I will turn the light off for a few days to see if it changes the result.

The easyBloom has two other settings. Recommend Mode which tells you what kind of plant you can grow at the specific location and Water Mode which gives you warnings when the plant needs more water.

I think this is a great tool if you are having trouble with growing certain vegetables like me.

Happy gardening!

pea shoots

pea shoots

rotten sweet potato

sweet potato slips

green chiles

mystery plant