Rainy Season and Garden Expansion
December 6, 2011

My expanding garden

The entire month of November was wet. Here in Majuro, the rainy season should begin to ease in November but there is no sign of that so far. I finally gave up waiting for a sunny day to plant seeds into all my new pots. I have been craving herbs and vegetables and I just couldn't wait any longer. I was hoping that the my new buds would weather the damp days.

My first (and almost dead) cucumber plant has recently grown tall and is sprouting a bunch of baby cucumbers. The problem is all these tiny cucumbers sprout and then fall off a few days later. The blossoms never get big enough for pollination and the baby cucumber eventually dies. They had such a rough start and I think this particular plant will probably never make any cucumbers. I think it will soon be time to plant a new one.


baby cucumber

The lima beans had a wonderful start and produced a lot of pods. And guess what? They all turned brown and dried out. I have been researching the reasons for this but I can't find out why. If anyone has any idea what causes this, please let me know.

dried lima beansdried lima beans

Lima bean pods turned brown ...

The lemongrass got very tall but they have not expanded in volume. My mystery plant became very large now but still it has no flowers or anything to solve the mystery of its character.

lemon grass month 3mystery plant

The lemongrass (left)
Mystery plant (right)

One surprisingly strong plant in the rain has been the anaheim chili. It had a slow start but once I moved it to a larger pot, it has grown rapidly. It is about 30 inches tall and started getting pretty small white blossoms a couple days ago. I can't wait to see the actual chilies.

hot pepper

Anaheim Chili

I have many smaller and newer additions to my garden. First, heirloom tomatoes. I planted three seeds at the same time. The middle one is growing very fast but the others are still very tiny. Just like humans, plant have different rates of growth, I guess.

I also planted tri-color beans, sugar snap peas, summer squash medley, fennel, arugula, rainbow chard, spinach and a different kind of basil. Still too early to tell for most of these.

hairloom tomatoes

Hairloom tomatoes (about three weeks old)

Tricolor beans

Tri-color beans : 10 days since seeding

sugar snap peas

Sugar snap peas : 10 days since seeding


fennel : 10 days since seeding

babyarugulagarden babies butterhead

baby arugula (left) : 10 days since seeding; garden babies butterhead (right) : 20 days since seeding

rainbow chard

beautiful rainbow chard : 10 days since seeding

summer squash

summer squash : 21 days since seeding


pea shoots

pea shoots

rotten sweet potato

sweet potato slips

green chiles

mystery plant