Baby Lima Beans, Growing Lemon Grass, and the Mystery Plant
November 2, 2011

We are now in November and many places in the world have started to receive snow already. Here in the islands, the temperature is still in the 80s or 90s and we can grow the same summer vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, and summer squash all year long.

I've been learning a lot about how to grow basic things in this challenging climate. First, the cucumber and squash that I planted a few months ago almost died. Originally I placed most of my plants at the corner of the deck that gets less sun but is still protected from heavy rain. Because the sun is very strong here, I thought it was better than the sunny side where it is boiling hot. But that corner did not work at all. Besides the weak sun, I had also been watering too much. I thought they wanted more water because of the high heat but that was a mistake. The leaves turned yellow which is a sign of overwatering. Soon, two zucchini died. So I moved them to the other side of the deck and reduced the amount of water. The cucumber and yellow zucchini recovered and finally they are growing bigger. Little by little I'm learning.

yellow squash

My almost dead cucumber (top) and yellow squash (bottom)

One success story: I transplanted the lemongrass to a container about two weeks ago. They already started getting new leaves and are thriving.

Lemonglass from the local super marketlemongrass

The lemongrass that I bought from the supermarket (left)
Growing new lemongrass in the container (right)

baby limabeans

Baby lima beans

The winner this month is the lima beans. They already started getting pods. I did not expect that baby beans can be this cute.

mystery plant

The mystery plant

And then there is my mystery plant. I inherited this when I first arrived. It is growing so large but so far there are no flowers so I can't identify what it is. Does anyone know what it is? If yes, let me know!


And finally, I planted many new herbs and salad greens yesterday. I can't wait to see them growing and more importantly, eat them!




pea shoots

pea shoots

rotten sweet potato

sweet potato slips

green chiles

mystery plant