Vegetables as a Main Course

Kale at the farmer's market

I often try and then get disappointed by ordering "vegetarian dishes" at restaurants. I am not a vegetarian and I like meat and fish but I prefer vegetables and often crave them more. The sad thing is I rarely find a main dish that features vegetables. For some reason, veggies often get second class filling at restaurants, pushed as a salad course or side dish at best.

This is the time of the year (New Year’s resolutions!) that many magazines feature vegetables for healthy eating. I think it is wonderful but it is also sad at the same time that people have to force themselves to eat more vegetables because it is healthier. I eat vegetables because they are delicious.

So here in my own kitchen, I am determined to come up with some new dishes that feature vegetables as a key ingredient.

  1. Winter Green Tempura
  2. 12 Vegetables White Stew
  3. Carrot Kakiage

Carrot and shrimp kakiage

12 vegetables white stew

winter green tempura