All About Pasta

Fresh Pasta Dough

colorful pasta from Amalfi

Unfortunately, there is no great Italian restaurant in Monrovia. It means no more fresh pasta in next couple years until you make your own. Harsh.

Fortunately, I love making homemade pasta. It is so addictive. True, it is kind of hardwork (not difficlut at all though) but it worth the tricep mascle ache you get next day.

It's so good and we always end up consume the all by ourselves. You don't want to share with anybody else.

It's also fun to think about what to do with your fresh pasta. My favorite is pappardelle and mix with classic bonlognese, fettucine with pesto sauce, creamy recotta cheese and spinach ravioli with sage-butter sauce or wild mushroom ravioli with creamy herb sauce. The fresh pasta usually good to pair with the rich creamy sauce because it absorbs the sauce.

Basic plain pasta dough recipe