The Art of Simple Food by Alice WatersCooking from "The Art of Simple Food" by Alice Waters

It does not take much time to decide what would be my first cook project.

Like for many other food enthuthiasts, Alice Waters is my hero. Besides being a wonderful cook, what she has been doing for the community is quite amazing. Teaching and guiding the local kids to eat better. Her efforts to using the local farmers for her restaurants spread the world and now so many restaurants are forcusing on "the locals". And I want to do same, well at least for my family and friends.

Her recent published book "The Art of Simple Food" is such a perfect theme for my clinery goal. Simple, tasty and lots of love.

She believes that anyone can eat wonderfully well if you cook, eat and live they these fundamental guidelines:

Eat Locally & sustainably

Eat seasonally

Shop at farmers' markets

Plant a garden

Conserve, compost & recycle

Cook simply

Cook together

Eat together

Remember food is precious

For the month of October, which is also my birthmonth, I would like to sample some of her recipes and learn more about beauty of cooking.

Here is the list of recipe that I tried from this book:

Grilled Whole Fish

Red Rice Pilaf

Green Beans with Almond and Lemon

grilled whole fish

red rice pilaf

green beans with toasted almonds and lemon