About cuisinivity.com

Making, eating and sharing good food is my idea of good living.  No matter where you are or what you have available, you can enjoy cooking and eating if you just slow down and embrace cuisine as an expression of creativity.  You don't need fancy techniques, huge supermarkets or expensive appliances.  You just need passion, patience and imagination. 

I created this site as a showcase to my own culinary challenges and achievements.  Many of my culinary heroes have years of experience, a wealth of fresh ingredients, and the latest technological assistance.  I am a relative beginner, traveling the world with a small collection of tools and an abundance of culinary curiosity.  But I have found that no matter where you are, you can make a simple meal seem like a feast just by adding a pinch of creative spirit. 

If necessity is the mother of invention then limits and creative solutions are surely the father of culinary inspiration.  Sometimes overcoming cooking obstacles is how the best innovative cuisine emerges.

Yuko Carey