Global Feast: New York
Best of October 2014
Novmeber 9, 2014

I had another wonderful birthday month filled with amazing meals. The kickoff was a very impressive chef's tasting menu at Degustation. The restaurant has only counter seating around their open kitchen so you can enjoy watching chef Nicholas Licata's effortless creation.

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Good Stuff
ARIAKÉ Bouillon de Vilaille by Joel Robuchon
October 29, 2014

I received this chicken bouillon from my friend as a souvenir from Europe. It is an individually packed sachet with dried chicken bouillon inside. When you need chicken broth, you drop this in boiling water.

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ARIAKÉ Bouillon de Vilaille by Joel Robuchon

Make your own...
October 26, 2014

There are so many good bitters available today but why not make your own interesting flavour mixtures for your craft cocktails? Other than getting the right ingredients and some waiting time, it is a very easy process and it's fun.

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Homemade bitters

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