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Moriizou Shochu(森伊蔵 かめ壷焼酎)
April 26, 2015

I must be a very lucky person because I received the same wonderful bottle of shochu from two different friends in one month. Especially if it is the hard-to-get premium imo-shochu from Moriizou (Kagoshima, Japan).

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Moriizou Shochu

Global Feast: New York
Best of March 2015
April 11, 2015

The best of March 2015 was a Middle Eastern restaurant called Mimi's Hummus in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. Mimi's Hummus is such a tiny place but it is so bright and inviting with high ceilings and beautiful details. I loved the cans of olive oil neatly displayed in the kitchen.

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Mimi's Hummus

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